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A Forum for Sonex Aircraft Builders and Enthusiasts. Re-use of any material from the pages within this web site (text or graphics) for commercial gain is prohibited without prior written permission from the web page administrator or the author or owner of the materials found on this web site. Sonex Education Initiative Starter Packs. *Note: All published prices subject to change with the USD to Euro exchange rate. UL Power 350 in a Sonex. Sonex does not provide specific installation techical support for Rotax engines as there are many existing Rotax installation support sources already available. Discover our engines Features & benefits. If a new, viable powerplant emerges which fits our needs and philosophy it will be offered only after it has been thoroughly tested on factory aircraft. PDF Order Form  A review of the NTSB accident database for the UL Power engines revealed a single entry for a non-fatal accident with a Sonex on February 6, 2009. Although we do not sell Rotax engines, Sonex Aircraft provides Rotax 912-series engine mount options for the new line of B-Model aircraft, and B-Model cowlings have been designed to accomodate Rotax engines. http://www.vansairforce.com/community/s ... hp?t=82818, http://mccutcheonmetalfabricationaviati ... vices.html, http://www.zenithair.com/kit-data/zac-ulpower.html, http://www.ulpower.com/sites/default/fi ... manual.pdf, http://kitplanes2.com/blog/2015/05/kaolin-aviation-to-offer-fwf-kits-for-ulpower/, http://sonexbuilders.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=71&start=10&hilit=Ulpower+jean, http://sonexbuildersandpilotsfoundation.zenfolio.com/p698068276/h1620a7ef#h1620a7ef.

97 HP at 3300 RPM and 8:1 standard compression. © Copyright 2020 Sonex Aircraft, LLC. It should be close to the same size. *Note: All published prices subject to change with the USD to Euro exchange rate. The ECU had apparently overheated and failed. Posted on 19 June 2020 in pressrelease. Read more. Read more about the AeroInjector's advantages in "The $35 Hamburger!".

Your choice of an alternative engine may also result in insurability problems. Rotax 912-series engines have become popular with some Sonex builders, particularly in international markets such as Europe and South America, and several customers have successfully made their own Rotax installations. John indicated that he knew that the ECU had to be mounted in the cockpit, but that the supplied ECU cabling wasn't long enough to allow it to be mounted there. The Jabiru 2200 engine mount offered for Legacy Sonex Aircraft will fit UL260-series engines. Order Now!

I have not yet contacted Richard for additional details.

In particular, the 120 hp Jabiru 3300 has become a very popular engine choice for our aircraft, making-up approximately one third of the worldwide fleet of flying Sonex Aircraft. Any builder considering use of a heavier installation should take notice of the important information contained in our Gross Weight Advisory (LSA Compliance and Safety) Letter. I have not yet contacted Richard for additional details. Jabiru Engines are sold and supported by Arion Aircraft. Read more.

The AeroVee comes as a complete kit that you can assemble yourself in approximately 12 hours, with the aid of an AeroVee Assembly and Installation Manual and an instructional DVD, along with free Phone/Email Technical Support. Prices will be verified with UL Power and, if necessary, re-quoted upon receipt of your order. PDF Order Form  More power – less weight. The AeroVee DVD is available for purchase separate from the engine kit for those that wish to preview the project. Read More about the UL260i, UL260iS 107hp: $20,710* Any customer choosing to use an unsupported engine installations are true "experimenters". Builders tips and instructions are not meant to replace the plans and instructions from Sonex-Ltd.. All Builder's tips and instructions are presented only as a source of information and a forum for exchange and the sharing of ideas and construction methods. AeroVee 2.1 80hp: $7,600 ULPower Engines feature dual electronic ignition (with variable timing), excellent power-to-weight ratio, and high fuel efficiency in a conventional configuration: Air-cooled, direct drive, horizontally opposed 4-cylinder. Couldn't you use a Jab3300 mount? UL Power LLC (US Dealer) has 3rd party support available for UL Power engine mounts to fit Legacy Sonex, Waiex and Xenos airframes and for Onex airframes. PDF Order Form  UL Power Installation Accessory Kit *Note: Prices subject to change with the USD/Euro exchange rate. I turns out that this has been the only Sonex flying with a UL Power engine. UL Power 260 and 350-series engines may be purchased from Sonex Aircraft, and technical support is offered by UL Power LLC. AeroVee Fence Baffle Laser-Cut Baffle Kit, See More Great Products and Accessories at www.AeroConversions.com, Sonex/Jabiru Cooling Baffle Kit and Installation Guide, Jabiru Universal Baffle Kit & Sonex/Jabiru Installation Guide, Rotax Engine Mounts for Legacy Sonex Aircraft. Read More about the UL350iS. Sonex Education Initiative Starter Packs. Order Now!

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Specific firewall-forward installation support is only offered for engines installed and tested by Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Hello all, and thanks for your interest in this post. Posted on 23 July 2020 in pressrelease. Engine packages include Exhaust, Baffle Kit, Alternator and Primary Fuel Pump.

Aerogroup SA will represent ULPower in Switzerland. Our Sonex project is a joint effort between four old friends. Anyone using the suggestions, ideas, instructions or examples on these pages does so at their own risk and discretion and without recourse against anyone. Hello all. ULPower Engines have been developed specifically for use in light aircraft and are manufactured to the highest standards with fully electronic ignition and multi-point fuel injection (FADEC) system as standard equipment. Be sure to see our FAQ page for Rotax installation considerations. Read More about the UL260iS, UL350i 118hp: $22,345* Read More about the UL350i, UL350iS 130hp: $23,435*

A 2180 cc aero-engine that can be run on 100LL or auto fuel, all of the supplied components are brand-new, zero-time parts.

I confirmed with Robert Helms that you can now get the ECU cable to size.

PDF Order Form  As a potential builder, you must educate yourself on the true impact of your engine choice before embarking on an alternative engine installation. He also commented that he UL Power never investigated the engine operation after the crash or seem interested to determine a root cause of the failure. Order Now! Tools and Accessories. Read More about the AeroVee Turbo. Sonex Aircraft, LLC approves several different engines for its airframes, and offers firewall-forward support for those engine options, ranging from engine mounts and cowlings, to complete installation manuals: Sonex Aircraft were originally designed to utilize the AeroConversions AeroVee or similar engines, and the AeroVee is the most-popular engine choice for Sonex builders. All products mentioned are not necessarily recommended for use, but are included for informational purposes only. Order Now! It is a standard gear, dual stick Sonex, and we are pretty determined to put a UL 350 up front. SonexBuilders.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Sonex Aircraft offers engine mounts for Jabiru 3300 engines (Jabiru 2200 mounts available for Legacy Sonex and Waiex aircraft), and our Sonex/Jabiru Cooling Baffle Kit and Installation Guide is available from our AeroConversions product line. UL Power Engines Catalog > UL Power Engines: See details : UL Power UL260i Engine: UL260i 97hp: Price: $ 19,075.00 BUY NOW : See details : UL Power UL260iS Engine: ... Sonex Fly-Mart Clearance Parts. There is currently no Sonex flying with the UL Power, although the website indicates that at least one builder is developing his own FWF package.

Tools and Accessories. WBParts Hardware Kits. In addition, Sonex provides leadership to the grass-roots homebuilt community to protect the experimental-amateur built rules and cultivates new pilots and airplane builders through educational efforts. The AeroVee engine kit also includes the AeroConversions AeroInjector. All though we've been building our Sonex since 2012, I am new to this forum. | All Rights Reserved. Sonex highly recommends the AeroConversions AeroInjector to replace the Jabiru-supplied Bing carb. Sonex Aircraft, LLC is committed to providing the recreational aviation community innovative, cost-effective and efficient aircraft kits, powerplants, and accessories and supporting them with industry-leading customer service. John ended up selling the engine back to the US distributor, as he was never able to reproduce the exact issue. PDF Order Form  Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit - p/n K0300002: Qty 1, Fuel Connection Kit - p/n K0200001R: Qty 1, Oil Filter Adapter Screw - p/n E042007: Qty 1, Copper Sealing Ring - p/n S3202615: Qty 3, Extension Connection Oil Thermostat - p/n SE042520: Qty 1. When installed according to Sonex-provided documentation, the user of an approved engine can anticipate a trouble-free installation proven by thousands of flight hours, as well as full customer support and on-going serviceability. Optional Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars. ... Sonex, Ltd. is the designer and manufacturer of the Sonex and Waiex sport planes as well as the Xenos Motorglider. Latest news ULPower manuals have been updated. I contacted the builder, John Davis, to determine his overall impression of the engine and to provide additional background to the NTSB accident report. Hello all. Read More about the AeroVee, AeroVee Turbo 100hp: $11,095 Sonex Aircraft, LLC will not offer firewall-forward technical support for unapproved engine installations. All though we've been building our Sonex since 2012, I am new to this forum. There is a weight difference between the Jabiru 2200 and the UL Power 260i, so I will need to investigate whether the Jabiru engine mount is dimensioned to handle the increased weight of the UL Power engine. The UL260is develops 107HP at 3300RPM, but runs at 9:1 compression. The UL Power UL260i appears to be a solid engine. It is a purpose-built full FADEC engine developed in Belgium and capable of developing approx. UL Power 260 and 350-series engines may be purchased from Sonex Aircraft, and technical support is offered by UL Power LLC.

If you have any questions about your engine choice, please feel free to contact us. Sonex Fly-Mart Clearance Parts. Where are you located and do you already have a design for the mount that just needs to be fabricated or do you need help with the design too? To continue the Sonex Aircraft heritage of Product Innovation, Affordability, Simplicity, Versatility, Performance, Engineering, and Quality and to expand these themes into a broader aviation marketplace. Engine packages include Exhaust, Baffle Kit, Alternator and Primary Fuel Pump. Customers should not underestimate the vast amounts of time, money, and effort that go into alternative engine development and installation. Order Now! Sonex, Ltd. aircraft offer the Best Performance per Dollar for the Sport Pilot. Parts/Rivets. NO responsibility or liability is assumed, expressed, or implied as to the suitability, accuracy, safety, or approval thereof. Richard Kaczmarek is the builder. DisclaimerThis web site is in no way a publication of Sonex-Ltd. or any other corporation. The accident report indicated an engine failure as a result of the electronic control unit (ECU) being mounted in the engine compartment instead of on the cockpit side of the firewall. Too bad Sonex is so unaccepting of engines other than Aero Vee's and Jabiru's. The AeroVee Engine Kit continues the Sonex Aircraft tradition of simple, elegant design. Sonex Aircraft, LLC is committed to providing the recreational aviation community innovative, cost-effective and efficient aircraft kits, powerplants, and accessories and supporting them with industry-leading customer service.

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