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Slot 5: Shadow Cloak-Shadowy Disguise (5 out of 5) Keep leveling passives. Donate. Twin Slashes (ONLY to level dual wield tree--you can respec out of this later) This ability should ONLY be used when a mob is under 25% HP--otherwise save the magicka. C. Leveling Advice/Skill Order Remember to level passives. Stamina and Magicka Builds for PVE & PVP Gameplay. 2 Piece Ice-Heart Mutagen & Restoration Staff. Now, this will not always be the case. Strife 5 Piece Necropotence or Ysgramor (Including Staffs) -Veiled Strike (for stun/damage) Insane Single Target DPS - Solo Elites Easily- Leveling Efficient ! Some comments or thoughts on my build for pvp/pve would be great. What's not to love? UPDATE: ESO Skill Calculator is now updated to 1.3.3 patch data (update 3). Required fields are marked *, Elder Scrolls Online Fansite and database, ESO Western Skyrim Skyshards Location Map, ESO Southern Elsweyr Skyshards Location Map, ESO Morrowind Skyshards – Vvardenfell Map, How to switch between EU and US Megaserver, ESO Morrowind Treasure Map Locations in Vvardenfell. Veiled Strike Hey guys, like most of you all, I have been playing ESO for the past few weeks. ), I am offering my take on a Healer. A: INTRODUCTION/BRIEF EXPLANATION G. Weapons Main weapon is Sword/Board and secondary is Two-Handed. 2. . ps: tested this build in 3 betas + PTS and gotta say this is a sexy build.. makes 2v1 look like childs play. The latter is a slotted skill that boosts health and stamina regen. aka the anti-caster.. Obviously we need Ransack to keep them on you, Extended Chains to pick up adds or runaways, Choking Talons to root the enemy down for a few seconds so you can apply Ransack while having them deal less damage. BAR 1: Your Single Target DPS Bar Seeing as how I played a rogue on WoW for 5+ years, I was instantly drawn in to the nightblade class. Consuming Darkness Thank you Practiced Incantation, Extended Ritual, and Restoring Focus along with Focused Healing. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. - This one seems pretty legit and since combined with it's own forums it's easy to check out other peoples builds. Nord/Orc Most of the other ones are ether hard to read or have some mistakes. Your email address will not be published. Quests give you skill points every so often. FIRST BAR (fighting/casual healing) CHOICES: I also would max out Alchemy.; Champion Points Calculator; F2P Week Guide; Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless; Archive. Skill Calculator. With the introduction of the Champion Point system you get two talent trees to play with and optimize your character even further for end game. Then either use Stampede, followed by Flame Lash to certainly finish off your enemy- or use Reverse Slice after activating Wrecking Blow instead. SECOND BAR (main healing) CHOICES: Ah, on further inspection I see that the Target/Cost/Range info is only missing on Nightblade class abilities. This is where I am currently at in game. This build made it possible for me to kill single targets very quickly with low chance of dying. Level 20 ABILITIES: (~level 30) TABLE OF CONTENTS: Also keep in mind skill levels will be higher than your actual level. Old builds might have missing skills or icons in them so, please, update them accordingly. You can essentially maintain control of most of the fight and make sure you are the one getting whacked on, not your buddies. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the elderscrollsonline community, Continue browsing in r/elderscrollsonline. And left with one of the most helpful abilities, Green Dragon Blood. Slot 1: Teleport Strike-Ambush (5 out of 5) Required fields are marked *, Elder Scrolls Online Fansite and database, ESO Western Skyrim Skyshards Location Map, ESO Southern Elsweyr Skyshards Location Map, ESO Morrowind Skyshards – Vvardenfell Map, How to switch between EU and US Megaserver, ESO Morrowind Treasure Map Locations in Vvardenfell. Woeler released one of the first ESO Morrowind builds that prepares you for the new tanking meta introduced with the sustain changes. Which will easily devestate any enemy if used after Wrecking Blow, considering its effect. Instant healing for three targets. Before I looked at this, I was really confused at how to train or even what things were good to train in. Whirlwind My Builds. And lastly set with Standard of Might, one of the most powerful ULTs in the game, let alone an AoE ability- this ULT was hands down the best for this spec. Guides for every aspect of ESO. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, -TAKE NOTE THAT BAR 2 LEVELS WILL ALWAYS BE BEHIND BAR 1, DEPENDING ON USAGE. Please update your builds accordingly. B. +20% critical strike chance. You can even lay down choking talons, swap to the two-hander to apply shattering rocks and eruption real quick, and maybe even use Brawler if you are quick on the keys. Please update your builds accordingly. Find hundreds of ESO build for all classes in our ESO Skillfactory. Level 38 Khajiit Nighblade. Helpful in any situation when your health drops, with a bonus effect of increasing health AND stamina regeneration.Seems simple yet diverse, and also fun for leveling to me. Please update your builds accordingly. 5 pieces of Plague Doctor in rest Your AoE ability! I usually only use it when in a dungeon, casting it right before a mob pull. With the newest content of Morrowwind coming out very soon. Login Register. Great damage per second if used right. Let your creativity take over and share your builds with other ESO players. The gist of it that with changes to Dragonknight main tanking skills stamina does not scale anymore. Username Password Forgot your password? I went for critical hit over everything. At this point you switch to Bar 1 and attack with a 5 second stun window (thanks to Veiled Strike/Shadow Cloak combo). With right use of these abilities the player gets the hughest damage output i can imagine. This is a very awesome calculator. 5 out of 5 medium armor. 100/100 Skillpoints used (But i count some more when you get all skyshards, didnt put any points to Alliance-Skill-Trees cause of that. I'm doing this in Excel right now, but it would be so much nicer in a build site. Main weapon is Sword/Board and secondary is Two-Handed. Woeler's take on the change is to max health this time around because some skills still scale well with large health pool (Igneous Shield mainly - providing your party with huge shields, which is important in the new trial). Thank you Restoration Expert. ESO Blackreach Greymoor Caverns Treasure Map Locations, ESO Western Skyrim Treasure Map Locations, Antiquities Leads Locations & Hidden Entry Relics, At The Top Of A Waterfall In The Lightless Hollow Skyshard, Tucked In The Dwarven Ruins South Of Dark Moon Grotto Skyshard, In A Hidden Cave Beneath The Moon Gate Of Anequina Skyshard, Civility And Etiquette: Wood Orcs I Lorebook, ESO Iliac Bay Time Breach Locations – Breaches on the Bay Quest, ESO Stonefalls & Skyrim Time Breach Locations – Breaches of Frost & Fire Quest, ESO Rivenspire Time Breach Locations – Time in Doomcrag’s Shadow. UPDATED: Added more passives and an ultimate. Well, let's break it down bar by bar. Its also worth mentioning that Essence Drain gives a small heal when using heavy restoration staff attacks. Free rez every hour is a nice passive to have (Soul Magic tree). Rotation stays the same and you can now pick another ability for 5th slot. Flurry (replace twin slashes) The overall tool looks handy! Archived Builds; Sheogorath’s Corner. I look forward to reviewing your replies. Siphoning Strikes Archived Builds; Sheogorath’s Corner. Unfortunately that means any permalinks created prior to today are invalid and will need to be redone, ERRORS !! Accept. To summarize this threads findings so far: - Just released today and looks great. Chances are other builds WILL have stronger AoE, but this should more than suffice. This ability has great damage, and a very decent heal. This makes it hard to take on more than one group of mobs. Love it. Contact. Add that with 'Prodigy' from light armor for another +10%. This has really nice damage attached to it, and at a decent stamina cost. Ultimate Practiced Incantation. Fin! Standard of Might is useful to have on backup ult, as you don't really need take flight with the options of Stampede and Extended Chains. Again, this build is not supposed to make you invincible or a juggernaut dealing tons of damage. Overall this is really all you need. This is an Argonian Templar using a Restoration Staff and Light Armor. Argonian Trust me, you can do A LOT of damage with those 5 seconds of stun time, plus the passive damage off kiting with Hidden Blade/Cripple will slowly widdle down each and every elite you come across. Find out what you need to improve in yourself to become more effective! "General Grievous" NB OP BUILD! Equipment tab is something to look forward to. Why does none of these skill calculators for your phone, Your email address will not be published. All the passives I chose compliment the abilites you will be using pretty nicely. . I dont see how this would work because your max level isnt directly related to how many skill points you have, nor the total level of your skill trees.

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