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Loves to learn and is an amazing student. Can't believe how the time passes so quickly. WWE also chose to ditch the ladies once they were pregnant which led to quite the controversy in the past.

Independent wrestling schedules of shows and conventions also provide a tough schedule to stay ahead of. Factor in the wear and tear on one’s body from the bumps, and you’ll see why it’s considered such a tough job. CRP has become my lil attachment ♥️, A post shared by Christy Hemme (@hemmepowered) on Apr 16, 2018 at 3:42am PDT. We will look at the landscape of moms in the wrestling business. Pro wrestling is his strongest passion with a lifetime fandom and countless live shows attended. Along with being an on-screen character and working daily at WWE offices, Stephanie is the mother of three children.

2.5m Followers, 2,794 Following, 1,756 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from WWE Superstar NAOMI (@trinity_fatu) Other instances have seen WWE give the new mothers maternity leave while remaining under contract. The return of Maria Kanellis on WWE television was short lived for multiple reasons. Adams started training to become a better wrestler when making her debut for the Knockouts division. I am a very Proud Mom and very blessed to have such a daughter! As a freshman she made the varsity Volleyball team!...YAAAAY! The life of motherhood is essentially how Sable spends her time these days. The looks and personality of Stacy found her success in WCW.

WWE tends to reference her family when reminding us she is the daughter of late Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka or being a relative of The Usos. Brooke has stated being a mother is the best thing to ever happen to her. There are a few mothers on the active WWE roster making the towns every week to participate on shows. Her career started thriving as a very entertaining wrestler and arguably the most popular woman during her peak. Fans often gave Ashley among the biggest ovations each week during her peak run on Raw and SmackDown. There are a few mothers on the active WWE roster making the towns every week to participate on shows.

Stacy had a great run with WWE for years until looking to branch out into Hollywood after a run on Dancing with the Stars. We will look at the landscape of motherhood in the wrestling business. @renergracie, A post shared by Eve Torres Gracie (@evetorresgracie) on Apr 1, 2018 at 6:02pm PDT. Stacy seems to be content out of the public spotlight today. WWE television has already shown us that Miz has witnessed his life change for the better. Lacey Evans is one of the ladies in NXT right now with a chance to shine in the women’s division. Maria recently announced the birth of their daughter Freddie Moon Kanellis during the week of WrestleMania 34. A long road for Naomi saw her overcome quite a few bad gimmicks and years of poor booking to finally get her chance during the brand split. Impact Wrestling was the main home of Mickie where she met her future husband Magnus. Candice Michelle was one of the most surprising success stories of the women’s division in the 2000s. We will look at the landscape of moms in the wrestling business. WWE has introduced new fans to Beth Phoenix in recent years with her Hall of Fame induction and a role doing commentary for various special matches. WWE RAW Superstar Naomi took to Twitter today and revealed that she's been away from the ring due to issues in her life.. Naomi noted that she recently lost a … My baby is growing up way too fast!!! Happy Easter from me and my 3 boys! Wrestling is not only a family tradition but a job she uses to help provide for her two kids.

She and her husband had their first child Charlie Rose in 2015. One reason Phoenix would be hesitant to return to the ring is the fact that she has a family.

In Mom mode, entertaining 4 babes with a babe on my back! Ashley requested her release to get off the road and go home when her daughter was dealing with an illness. Can't believe I have a 15yr old teenager who is taller then me. The couple announced Maryse would be leaving WWE when the revelation was made that she was pregnant. The Diva Search saw Massaro dominate the fan voting to win a guaranteed contract with WWE. A second return to WWE in 2003 saw Sable meet Brock Lesnar leading to them eventually getting married.

Sable has children with Lesnar and has a few other kids from a prior marriage long before her entry into the wrestling world.

Her husband Mike Kanellis missed a few weeks when dealing with his addiction to prescription pills.
Me n my gorgeous daughter I love her she makes sad days feel all better I love her so much!! Christy still appears at wrestling conventions and was at WrestleMania 34 weekend for WrestleCon. Mickie James is a future Hall of Famer for her accomplishments in WWE and beyond. It seems like it was just yesterday when I held her in that hospital room after giving birth to her, to now and holding her on her 15 birthday... You will always be my 1st Born Baby Girl... Mamma Loves you #MommyDuties #LoveBeingAMom #StrongEmpoweringWoman #Legacy #Bloodline #StayFocussed #WorkingMamaOnWWELiveEvents #BirthdayLuvz #LaborDay, A post shared by SaronaSnuka (@saronasnukawwe) on Sep 4, 2017 at 9:41am PDT. Most weekends will see wrestlers have matches on four different shows in different cities. Her WWE accomplishments saw her win the Divas Championship on three occasions. Evans has a hectic life at home off the road as a mother. Massaro still does appearances at various small shows and autograph appearances.

Naomi noted that she recently lost a family member and she has also been dealing with health issues of her own. James gave birth to the couple’s first child Donovan back in 2014. 1st day of Pre-K... Great success!! Eve became a mother in her time away giving birth to a boy named Raeven. Despite Lesnar being a huge part of WWE for the past few years, Sable has not been around and has no interest in being seen again. James’ child is getting to experience his mother wrestling on national television at a young age rather than having to watch back 2006 content on the WWE Network. Tamina has been a part of the WWE main roster for over seven years now making it very impressive that she is able to juggle being a mother and a Superstar. The duties of being a mother ended up causing her to end her WWE run early. The place I want to be... #newmom #momlife #momintraining @freddiemoonbennett, A post shared by Maria Kanellis-Bennett (@mariakanellis) on Apr 15, 2018 at 10:14am PDT. However, we rarely get a glimpse into Tamina’s life compared to the other ladies of WWE. Hemme became a ring announcer for many years along with multiple backstage jobs. #wrestlemania34 #MizAndMrs #noautographsplease, A post shared by Maryse Mizanin (@marysemizanin) on Apr 8, 2018 at 1:55pm PDT. James had a strong career in her time between WWE stints.

My MILANETA's birthday weekend has been a fun one for her. The stunning Adams was mostly remembered for being part of the Extreme Expose doing the eye candy dances for the ECW brand. Brock and Sable have moved their family to a private farm in Canada. Her prior SmackDown Women’s Championship run was impressive as she became the face of the SD women’s division for most of 2017. The matches of Mickie gave us some of the best women’s bouts of the 2000s back when it was rare to see the division stand out. Hemme has become a mother in her time away from WWE.

WWE made the decision to extend her contract when purchasing WCW, and Keibler was one of the few talents to get a push when moving over. The most interesting title was becoming part of the writing team as a rare case of a female writer in wrestling. Some people start goals on Jan 1st but if you’ve fallen off then why not be reborn today! WWE split them up and pushed Sable in a major way. Beth appeared for WWE once per week to commentate the Mixed Match Challenge, but it is unlikely she’ll ever agree to working three to five shows per week. These are seven WWE stars and eight former WWE stars that are now mothers. These are seven WWE stars and eight former WWE stars that are now mothers. Past interviews have seen Maria say she hopes to return to WWE a few months after giving birth. Today is a day of rebirth!
Miz and Maryse saw their daughter Monroe Sky enter the world in March. There have been many fathers on the WWE roster for years, but mothers have been less of a fixture. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. The life of a wrestler can provide a grueling schedule with the high number of shows in different locations. Naomi became a stepmother to the two children of Jimmy’s from a prior relationship. Other instances have seen WWE give the new mothers maternity leave while remaining under contract. The background of being a former Marine gives her another dynamic to her presentation. The acting career didn’t work out for Keibler in the way she expected as most of her roles were b-list gigs.

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