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You can pick up a new recipe by going to the house by the southeast area of Trista. Trails ofCold Steel III makes use of the ARCUS II combat orbment in which two master quartzs can be inserted. Enter the house, speak to the lady and accept the request. You are given the task to hunt a certain monster. There is also a new recipe you can get, go the bookstore and purchase the sandwich recipe. Now go all the way to the southeast corner of the map, you will find a switch, press it, this will remove a wall near the starting area that lets you go to the exit. So i won't be able to get highest rank (A0 i guess? From there head over to the Student Union Building and talk to the Chef Ramsay. Before you head back to town, go to the Crescent Moon Inn, and speak to Fumy (NPC sitting by the table), you will receive "Red Moon Rose - Chapter 4". Once all the event scene are done, you are given a horse, controlling a horse is the same as on foot, now go all the way to the northeast exit to reach the Nord Settlement. An item you should pick up is the Frog Strap Accessory from Henderson & CO. General Goods which is inside Christie's Galleria. You must arrange your party to have all male characters. Speak to Kilte again, and purchase the Carnelian Reprint Issue 5 from her store. If you want the double or triple advantage, you would need to dismount and attack the enemy from its back. Select the four party members to bring with you. Head to the hotel to end today's Field Study. Respond with the following choices. That's the best you can do, if you did that you'll get full (+3) AP. You must arrange your party to have all male characters. Head over to the West Lower Layer and talk to Locomo near the RF Store. Head over to Zender Gate and Speak to Sharl Twice. By doing this, you will get the maximum AP for the upcoming midterms. Class I will refuse to let you use an all female team or Jusis. Meet Vincent, he's hiding behind the storage building (Academy Field area).

Focus on defeating one of the dogs first, I would suggest you go for Doven R (The one that is covered in Gold Plates) first. Now finish the other Field Assignments. Now go to Auroch's Fort by heading to the northeast exit.
Now go to near the entrance of Sorciere Restaurant, and speak to Hasan by the table. The Black Cat can also be found at the school rooftop. Computer Room (Main Building 2F, Northeast Room). Now go to the opposite side to find another ladder, climb up.and you will find a monster chest northeast from here. Why not join us today? Immediately speak to Manning (The NPC on the left) he will give you "Red Moon Rose - Chapter 6". Accept his request then move to the Fresh Juice Stall in front of Hotel – Der Himmel in the Garnier District, and talk to Jonathan. Select the five party members to bring with you. Accept her request and proceed to Ebel Highway 2. Examine the Wooden Box to complete the quest. Once you have finish all the side activities. So i won't be able to get highest rank (A0 i guess? Just focus on defeating one of them first, a thing that you need to watch out for, is the when boss uses Beckoning Wave, this can put your party members to sleep. Focus on defeating one boss at a time, try to use your S-Break to finish one of them off quickly, You can also use abilities such as Impassion or Alisa's Blessed Arrow to quickly build up CP to spam S-Breaks. Gathered all 28 varieties of master quartz. You will need gather two types of ingredients for him.
Enjoy! It is section-tabbed within Rean's Student Notebook listing all the game quests where Rean and Class VII earn "AP (Academic Points)" and other rewards for their efforts, determining "GPA" per completed chapter. The soldiers can do one powerful attack which could cause one of your allies to be fainted for a few turns. 130 User Favourites. He explains he’s lost and wants to return back to Bareahard. Once you have encounter the monster, you need to have a Jusis and Machias in your party to start the battle. 32 Ratings 135,241 Views. Completed the game on nightmare difficulty. The guide for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will include all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring where to find all Side/Branch Campus Quests, Chests, Books, Cards, Recipes and more. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Switching!

If it includes a spoiler don't say it but if it's some random item or an achievement, i don't care, you can say it. Before you do your Field Assignments, there is a hidden quest located at the Imperial Border. Now talk to Zats stationed by the watchtower entrance. The exam results will be posted, the highest mark you can get is 7th place, if you meet those conditions, you will get a bonus 3 AP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Go to the Doctor's House and speak to Dr. Amr. There is also a hidden quest you can do. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (英雄伝説 (えいゆうでんせつ) 閃の軌跡 (センノキセキ) Ⅲ) is the eighth installment in the Trails series and the third game of the Erebonia arc.. Leave the hotel. Head over to the Docks and talk to Cindy. There will be 8 Platinum Bugs inside, there is a trophy for killing 8 monsters at once, simply have all the monster position near each other and use Fie's S-Break to instantly wipe them. If you don't have your S-Break ready, then rely on Rean's Autumn Leaf Cutter and Fie's Clearance ability, these abilities have good range and can let you cancel the monster's spell casting. Chapter 1: Day : April 18, Time of Day: Evening, Location: Trista.

Speak to Rex and Fiedelio twice at the Photography Club (Student Union Building). Every time you complete a quest (main, sub, or hidden) you will be awarded with AP. Trois ans, c'est long. If you been giving her fresh milk, she should give you a Zeram Powder in return. To get the extra AP, you need to cancel the boss's spell casting. I'm playing Trails of Cold Steel.

Watch the event scene. You can do this by speaking to the following NPC, and read the books listed below. If you don’t get it on the first try, just reload your save file, and try again. Accept the request and then head outside to Nord Highlands, you gotta find five Epona grass.

If you like JRPG's, then it's a good game.

Anyway, I think this might be all I think the table needs for now. Go to the Central Plaza section of town.Speak to Hasan, he's the boy sitting near the Sorciere Restaurant. Go to the Art Room (Main Building 2F - Center East) and speak to Linde.

Class I will refuse to let you use an all female team or Jusis.

Head over to Aurochs Fort, and speak to Anton who is standing right near the Main Entrence. As you begin exploring the 3rd floor, one of your party members will mention about new Link Attacks. Doing this has the highest chance of canceling the boss' Arts. Completed the game on hard or nightmare difficulty. Climb back down and head northwest to pick up a Celestial Balm from the treasure chest, and then go to the west exit to Underground Waterway 3.

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