the yellow wallpaper insane asylum

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In eighteen ninety - one, when the "The Yellow Wallpaper" was written, women were, He had even hired a housekeeper to take care of not only the house, but the baby as well. I really enjoyed this story. type of work Short story. Gilman realized that writing became one of the only forms of existence for women at a time when they had very few rights.[5].

I ran across the broader, more complex reality of Gilman and her writing almost by accident. time and place written 1892, California.

In her day it was her progressive attitudes that might have made potential readers uncomfortable; today, it’s her regressive ones that give us pause. At this point I can feel the tension between husband and wife begin to rise, and a wall of separation starts to build between them as she removes herself from his care. Now her mind is becoming everything but straight. In the woman’s case, however, the situation progresses to a menacing level, where the wallpaper seems to intentionally threaten her, and soon she begins to see an entity of some kind behind the main pattern. Uh-oh.
""The Yellow Wallpaper: A Supernatural Interpretation". With no stimulus other than the wallpaper, the pattern and designs become increasingly intriguing to the narrator. Often women were prescribed bed rest as a form of treatment, which was meant to "tame" them and basically keep them imprisoned. The casual details of bars on the windows, large iron rings on the walls, scratches and gouges in the floors and bedframes and torn and clawed walls are very reminiscent of an old insane asylum. As a doctor, he control's his wife's health care, prescribing her medicines and her overall cure.

[6] She had suffered years of depression and consulted a well-known specialist physician who prescribed a "rest cure" which required her to "live as domestic a life as possible". Finally, her husband is able to enter the room, only to find her “creeping” near the baseboard along a notch that has been grooved into the wall by her shoulder, and she completes her break with reality by announcing that she has escaped from the wallpaper and can’t be put back. Then This Theatre of Dublin, Ireland adapted Gilman's text for a widely acclaimed production at the 2011 Absolut Dublin Fringe Festival, featuring actress Maeve Fitzgerald and directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks.

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