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He wasn't a dirty player, he was just tough and could dish it out and take it as well. BG: What was the rivalry between Culcairn and Holbrook during that era? We drove home Sunday afternoon and Max ended up blowing the diff in his car at Barnawartha. MT: I had previously worked up there when I was with Alatalo brothers and used to drink at the bottom pub. As an amateur, he reached number one in the AIBA bantamweight world rankings,[1] with achievements that include a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics and gold at the 2015 World Championships. BG: You beat East Lavington in the grand final and got 'whacked' by a Saints supporter after the medal presentation? BG: What was the rivalry between Culcairn and Holbrook during that era?

Conlan took the first in what was a very technical encounter, the Belfast man took the second on a split, by the third round the No.1 seed (Conlan) was in cruise control which saw him take the round and the fight unanimously to retain Ireland's hold on the European bantamweight title and the best boxer award (both of which John Joe Nevin won in 2013).

MT: It proved to be a smart move because I finally got to win a flag. He competed in four fights beating; French, Danish, Italian and Great Britain representatives. The Holbrook player had some sort of seizure and started convulsing.

BG: You were a big fan of Bulldog legend Des Richardson?

BG: You also had a stint as coach of the Murray Magpies as non-playing coach in 2008?

Profanity when accusing Olympic boxing judges of corruption, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, US, Retained WBO Inter-Continental featherweight title. The AFL and AFL Queensland board will look for a replacement in the upcoming weeks. MT: One of their spectators walked up to me and whacked me. I can see why Holbrook reacted like they did on that occasion but I still swear today that Neil did nothing wrong on that occasion.

BG: There would have been some interesting after match functions? MT: Tallangatta league during the 1980s was just, good, hard tough football and rarely would you see anybody get king hit. BG: What was the motivation to join Lavington? https://www.aflq.com.au/michael-conlan-to-make-football-comeback His father and coach, John, hails from Drimnagh, County Dublin. I was never motivated by greed or money.

BG: You got your jaw broken in a practice match against Benalla? MT: Dad previously played for the Bulldogs which was one of the main reasons. Results were: Won silver in the 2013 European Championships at flyweight. He is never afraid to rush through a pack, spread-eagling players with his strongly-built frame. Before coming to Queensland, Conlan had worked for the AFL as well as overseas for companies such as Nike and Reebok. BG: What sparked the brawl? [30] Some, including Northern Irish former world champion Dave McAuley, called for action from boxing regulatory bodies. But most of the time, it was just hard, tough football. BG: I'm guessing there wasn't much of you as a teenager?

Most of the time that I changed clubs was due to my employment in the building industry and finding work without having to travel too much to play footy. MT: Wayne Allen got in my ear and Peter Woodford was coach.

Want more stories like this? The weather lived up to expectation; both Essendon and Fitzroy struggled to kick goals that day but the most important goal of this elimination game was the last one kicked by mighty Mick Conlan, who had been held virtually kickless all day. The niece of an IRA bombing victim suggested that Conlan had "glorified terrorism" and criticised the boxer by suggesting he was the antithesis of other boxers like Barry McGuigan and Carl Frampton who had always strived to keep a cross-community spirit in boxing. MT: I made my debut as a 16-year-old and it was a fairly tough initiation as you could imagine. BG: Was it an eye opener when you first arrived at Urana Road? MT: We went to Dickson High School together and used to play against each other on a weekend. Then you would get up and have a Sunday session as well. MT: The year I left in 1984, he kicked 141 for the season which is still the league record to my knowledge.

MT: I put a big bullbar on the Commodore station wagon in case I did.

MT: I probably played about 20 matches in the seniors during that time. Conlan and his teammate, fellow Irish boxer Paddy Barnes, would compete in seven fights over 14 weeks in an effort to try and secure qualification for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The form Fitzroy player has been CEO of AFL Queensland since 2012 , replacing current GWS chief operating officer Richard Griffiths. In his debut match at the 2012 Olympics, he defeated Ghanaian boxer Duke Micah, having received a bye in the first round. Now I can't sleep on my left hand side because of the pain. BG: You got your jaw broken in a practice match against Benalla? [24][25][26] That decision was one of a number that had fellow international boxers and commentators questioning the integrity of Olympic boxing and the scoring system used. I remember whenever I got dropped, I went back to the thirds because the reserves competition back then was more like thuggery. MT: I remember most of the time when we played the Brookers 'Boots' Lee would be in the back pocket and pick me up. MT: I just got sick of the travel. MT: There is no doubt and I did witness some sickening off the ball incidents. They were there to arrest one of the East Lavington players on drug charges.

MT: I rated McSweeney highly as a player. Conlan described it as a "spur of the moment" decision, following a trip to Melbourne to present state figures to the national body. [3] His elder brother, Jamie, is also a professional boxer. MT: Yeah, we had to put up with Mick Erdeljac. Michael John Conlan (born 19 November 1991) is an Irish professional boxer.As an amateur, he reached number one in the AIBA bantamweight world rankings, with achievements that include a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics and gold at the 2015 World Championships.He has been one of Ireland's most successful amateur fighters of all time.

BG: I see Conlan was on The Front Bar recently and he still boasts an impressive rig for a bloke in his 60s. BG: Any particular reason you chose Wodonga? Diners who don't turn up, Supermarket exterior filled with historic photographs. MT: We were playing Henty and Steve went up for a mark and as he was coming down broke his leg and the bone was poking out of his skin. MT: My brother, Neil, was running to the bench with his opponent next to him. BG: Did the Murray Magpies inherit the tarnished reputation of East Lavington when they first formed? What's the origin of the nickname? BG: One of your good mates at school in Canberra was Fitzroy legend Mick Conlan? But I had no hard feelings. David was a star but played more in the Wagga competition. [19] On 23 September, Bob Arum confirmed that Conlan would be making his professional debut at The Theater at Madison Square Garden, on St. Patrick's Day. MT: Max took me down to the football one weekend to watch Doug play. [13] It was Ireland's first ever male World Championship gold medal.

BG: If you started a fight, you needed to be able to handle yourself? MT: Border-Walwa beat us and had a handy side with Mark McSweeney coach and Wayne Edwards running around. Everybody looked up to Des and he really drove the culture. BG: You stupidly decided to play one weekend when the Magpie reserves were short?

Even when he got drafted to Fitzroy in 1977 he used to come home around Christmas and we would catch-up and go to the gym together and go for a run. Were you a football mercenary? BG: You played at 10 different clubs throughout your career which were Ainslie, Wodonga, Barnawartha, Culcairn, East Lavington, Lavington, Walbundrie, North Albury, Federal and Murray Magpies. BG: Every side boasted one or two blokes who can handle themselves? BG: You beat East Lavington in the grand final and got 'whacked' by a Saints supporter after the medal presentation?

I had the Wodonga Ball on the Friday night and I got home at 4am. It's fair to say MICK THORNEYCROFT didn't mind switching clubs throughout his career.

I played in the seconds and I won the league medal in the reserves one year. [21][22], In the men's bantamweight quarterfinal stage of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Conlan was eliminated by a controversial call, in which Russia's Vladimir Nikitin was awarded the victory. MT: I rated McSweeney highly as a player.

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