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The 2nd century BC panels found there illustrates sculptures of dancers in different vertical poses with arm positions that resemble Kathak steps, many of which reflect the 'pataka hasta' Mudra. Type: We use several writing tools checks to ensure that all documents you receive are free from plagiarism. Sleep tight, we will cover your back. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Finally, I'll break down two of these published college essay examples and explain why and how they work. [18]"Bells Of Change: Kathak Dance, Women And Modernity In India", also see "The Tawaif And The Item Girl: A Struggle For Identity" [19]. [60] The artist may wear a scarf (called orhni in some places). [15], The invocation (vandana) consists of the dancer coming to stage and offering respect to his or her guru and the musicians on the stage. A kathak o dancer can change styles and steps according to his or her skill and styles of dancing. Kathak is one of the eight major forms of Indian classical dance. [15][39], With the spread of colonial British rule in the 19th century India, Kathak along with all other classical dance forms were discouraged and it severely declined.

[42][43], Not only did missionaries and colonial officials ridicule the Kathak dancers, Indian men who had been educated in colonial Britain and had adapted to Victorian prudery joined the criticism, states Margaret Walker, possibly because they had lost their cultural connection, no longer understood the underlying spiritual themes behind the dance, and assumed this was one of the "social ills, immoral and backward elements" in their heritage that they must stamp out. Hair, face, ear, neck, hand, wrist and ankle jewellery, typically of gold, may adorn the artist. Gradually more and more images, then stories of Krishna and Radha crept in. also offered here. "[48] Farah Yasmeen Shaikh, a Muslim and a disciple of Pandit Chitresh Das in the Lucknow school, considers Kathak as a "confluence of Hindu and Muslim cultures", and has presented her performance in Pakistan.

Atlanta, GA, July 14: Last month, we asked Indian-American teens to submit an essay on the topic, ‘Growing up Indian in America’. [4], Kathak as a performance art has survived and thrived as an oral tradition, innovated and taught and from one generation to another verbally and through practice. The development of Kathak during the era of Bhakti movement predominantly focussed on the legends of Lord Krishna and his eternal love Radhika or Radha found in texts like the ‘Bhagavata Purana’ which were spectacularly performed by the Kathak artists. Katha means “Story telling” and Kathak means “art of story telling”.

They returned to Jaipur, and together they began the Jaipur gharana of Kathak.

Jewellery of male dancers is quite simple compared to their female counterparts and are usually made of stone.

[71], The Benares gharana is the third major style, traditionally believed to be the oldest.

Our Companies include: ADVANCED ORTHOPAEDICS; ARTHROMEDIX; NEOSPINE; PRIME SURGICAL A Kathak performance may include a dozen classical instruments depending more on the effect and depth required for a particular performance. [23][27][28] Dance and performance arts, states this ancient Hindu text,[29] are a form of expression of spiritual ideas, virtues and the essence of scriptures. [45] Of these the Jaipur and Lucknow sub-traditions of Kathak have attracted more scholarship. [9][10], The term Kathak is rooted in the Vedic term Katha (Sanskrit: कथा) which means "story, conversation, traditional tale". You can do this yourself after logging into your personal account or by contacting our support. The dance contains temple and ritual dances. [15][53] Each section when completed has a punctuation mark, usually a sharp turn of the head. [7] The schools place different relative emphasis between aspects of a Kathak performance such as the acting versus footwork.

Kathak Dance.

[10] It transitioned, adapted and integrated the tastes of the Mughal courts[11] in the 16th and 17th centuries, particularly by Akbar, and was ridiculed and declined in the colonial British era,[12] then was reborn as India gained independence and sought to rediscover its ancient roots and a sense of national identity through the arts. Mary Snodgrass states that the tradition of this dance form is traced back to the 400 BCE. [2][3] Wandering Kathakars communicated stories from the great epics and ancient mythology through dance, songs and music. [70] In the modern era, the Lucknow gharana style influences the dance school in New Delhi with Shambu Maharaj, Birju Maharaj and Lacchu Maharaj. The origins of the kathak style lies in the traditional unfolding of Hindu myths by Brahmin priests called kathiks, who used mime and gesture for dramatic effect. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dear Students, We have added a special Google tool to translate our articles, essays and 4 lines. Male dancers perform in Persian costume of wide skirts and round caps, while female dancers wear a traditional Indian garment called a sari. Many are native speakers and able to perform any task for which you need help. Essay, 2 pages. [51] The gestures and facial expressions convey the ras (sentiment, emotional taste) and bhava (mood) of the underlying story. [5] Kathak performances include Urdu Ghazals and commonly use instruments brought during Muslim rule. The dynasty is sometimes described as the Timurid dynasty as Babur was descended from Timur. Stylistically, the Kathak dance form emphasizes rhythmic foot movements, adorned with small bells (Ghungroo), and the movement harmonized to the music.

In spite of the diversities, the people are united. [9] Kathak teachers also shifted to training boys to preserve the tradition, as most of the 20th-century ridicule had been directed at Kathak "nautch girls". She performs to the musical beats and tempos, perfectly synchronizing her footwork sequences called tatkars, thus creating a rhythmic sound with the ghunghru, and usually mark completion of each sequence with a sharp turn of head. With the arrival in northern India of the Mughals, kathak was taken into the royal courts and developed into a sophisticated art form; through the patronage of the Mughal rulers, kathak took its current form. However, You can use it as a base to write articles in any language. We offer all kinds of writing services. We also format your document by correctly quoting the sources and creating reference lists in the formats APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago / Turabian. [56], In Kathak, abhinaya is in the form of expressive gestures and pantomime set to music that usually outline a legend or the plot of a well known story. [15][51] Thereafter, the dancer gradually increases speed and energy, while completing a sequence of bol (mnemonic syllables in Indian tradition). Search Colleges, Courses, Exams, QnA, & Articles, Kathak in Dance & Choreography colleges in India, MIT College of Management, MIT Art Design and Technology University, Alliance School of Business, Alliance University, Top Private Engineering Colleges in India, NHCE Bangalore - New Horizon College of Engineering, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Bangalore, Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Delhi/NCR, Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law, Top Hotel Management Colleges in Hyderabad, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Mumbai, Top Mass Communication Colleges in Kolkata, Trends in Arts ( Fine / Visual / Performing ), > All Accounting & Commerce Specializations, > All Teaching & Education Specializations.

It is believed that Lord Krishna came to his dreams and instructed him to develop "dance as a form of worship". Find information related to Cutoffs, Placements, Courses, Fees, Admissions, Rankings, Eligibility and Reviews for Kathak in Dance & Choreography colleges in India, Get our experts to answer your questions within 24 Hrs. Type: Â. [22] The earliest surviving text with Kathak roots is the Natya Shastra,[22] attributed to sage Bharata, and its first complete compilation is dated to between 200 BCE and 200 CE,[23][24] but estimates vary between 500 BCE and 500 CE. (2008). [21][30], The 2nd century BC panels found in Bharhut show the dancers in a vertical stance with their arms' positions already suggesting today's Kathak movements. The Lucknow gharana developed a style of kathak that is characterized by precise, finely detailed movements and an emphasis on the exposition of thumri, (which is a semiclassical style of love song).

Get Your Custom Essay on Kathak Dance Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper. [45], The Kathak revival movements co-developed in Muslim and Hindu gharanas, particularly by the Kathak-Misra community. ‘Nritta represents pure dance where the dancer initially performs a thath sequence exhibiting elegant and slow movements of eyebrows, neck and wrists following which she slowly ups her speed and energy in multiples as she completes a sequence of bol. The famous Kathak dancers are Birju Maharaj and Uma Sharma.

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