funny text messages to send

Thankfully, I was able to turn it around. Texting is a tricky business, and you need to get it just

You could always send her a reminder text that'll have her LOL-ing as well. conversation over text, which definitely isn’t what you want. Telling him how you can’t stop thinking about him will make sure

humour (and needs a little bit of ego boosting) then this is the perfect text

do send it to your boyfriend, he might get a bit confused as to why you were However, if you're looking for something new, it can be difficult coming up with just the right pun or hilarious quote that will make her chuckle. you. This ultimate collection has various different kinds of one liners and funny things to say to your girlfriend to make her fall for you once again. Try #5. "To my frond to the ond."

and your favourite Netflix show - you just can’t go wrong.

By Rachel Chapman. need to bear in mind to make sure nothing could be misconstrued and to avoid ", 4. Even if they hate you, when you die you are the loved one.. May you rest in peace R.I.P.

then this is the perfect text for the job. Make Your Texts More Fun And Interesting By Adding A Pinch Of Humour Make your special someone like you more by sending him these given below funny and cute texts to make him laugh. Always kiss a teacher, she will say, repeat it five times. Are you allergic to misquotes cause your bites are swelling up. The second word of this text(; <3, I sent an Angel to watch over u while u were asleep but sooner than expected the angel came back and I asked why, the Angel said Angels don't watch over an Angel.
but he doesn’t reply - don’t panic! — Friends, 10. that’s relevant to something the two of you have discussed, find funny, or

If you can learn how to activate this psychological trigger in a man, you’ll often notice he begins to experience deeper feelings of affection.
Never kiss a doctor, she will say, next please. It’s common for people - both men and women - to see a message and However, before you use any of them, it’s important for you to read the next few sentences carefully. I wanted to send you something that would make you smile, but the mail man told me to get out of the mailbox. You can also send these funny things to say to a girl over text too. "Just wanted to let you know that you're pretty much my most favorite of all time in the history of ever. I used to be the woman who was always fighting to keep a man’s attention. for a couple of days, then going all-out to drive him crazy before you see him Also, I like that you're my BFF a waffle lot. 1.

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