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Wo bekomm ich die her? The issue ticket for TLSv1.2 support can be found here. It would only be a matter of changing the install path in FBI. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g.

did not work ——-FBI has encountered a fatal error——–, you need to install fasthax then run it before running fbi, im having a problem it says fbi has encountered a fatal error failed to acquire kernel access and im on version 11.0, you need safehax, udsploit and arm9. Hi, I am running a newly set up, latest up to date old 3ds from the 3ds hacks guide. Download Radiant … 3DSISO is a portal to download free 3DS CIA games, here you will find roms for both your 3DS console and games for CITRA an emulator with which you can play both PC and Android devices.The 3DS games on our site are from various regions such as EUR/USA/Japan.

Add support for installing 3DSX files to SD card via servefiles.

Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. The law hits back hard at Team Xecuter: 3 team members indicted with two, including GaryOPA, arrested & Nintendo wins $2 million in lawsuit against UberChips! Sofern nicht anders angegeben, werden die Anwendungen nicht von uns entwickelt, sondern nur im Einklang mit ihrer Lizenz von uns zum Download angeboten.


3DS Game downloads via QR Code / FBI.

HTTP operations now support gzip/deflate compression, which should reduce bandwidth usage when supported by the server. You should also switch to Luma3ds and update. Out of curiosity. 3ds cia pokemon fire emblem "fire emblem" rom .cia .3ds cfw homebrew jailbreak root nintendo download fbi devmenu emulator tutorial 下載 descargar games files juegos convert cias iso torrent installer mario zelda Die Spiele liegen als Dateien vor. I just popped over to your blog and left a comment. You should just do soundhax, follow plailect’s whoile guide. Open FBI and navigate to the location of the .cia you just copied and install it.

Wii-U-Update 5.5.2/5.5.3/5.5.4 – und nun? 8. Vieleicht hat hier ja jemande ein bisschen Ahnung vom 3ds :). PlayStation 4: Firmware 8.00 released with new avatars, revamped Party & Messages & some QoL improvements – Some changes not received well by community, Even More Nintendo Leaks: Pokemon Sun & Moon Source Repos & Wii Firmware with TV Remote Support Leaked.

same with me too, now I can’t play super mario 3d land1.5. I hope to investigate the matter further and improve speeds in the future, but wanted to finally get something out for the time being. so you can use Central Intelligence Agency files ya silly goose.

* Browse and delete pending titles (downloaded updates, in-progress eShop titles, etc). This repository has been archived by the owner.

Emulation: mGBA 0.8.4 released with more accurate emulation, fixes to the 3DS port and much more stuff! Directories containing a lot of CIAs should populate faster now, although detailed information will not be immediately available for all files until loading has finished.

Display installed version and date from TitleDB cache. Hallo, ich habe einen 3ds gekauft mit FBI usw. Disabling all sorting options leaves the items in the order they are provided by the 3DS OS. Extract the contents and copy the FBI Folder to the 3ds folder on your SD Card.

Habe ein gehackten 3DS. Join our monthly tutorial contest here! Hallo, ich habe einen 3ds gekauft mit FBI usw. As far as I remember you have to install FBI (or Big Blue Menu, which is by far better) before you create emunand so that when you create emunand the .cia installer is injected into emunand.


Posted by 4 months ago.

Why would I want to install the Federal Bureau of Investigation to my 3DS? Fix main menu updater getting confused by another TitleDB entry named FBI.

Habe mir dann über den Laptop Spiele runtergeladen und dann in den besagten Ordner auf die SD-Karte kopiert. Fix main menu updater not updating FBI's TitleDB installation status. Contribute to Steveice10/FBI development by creating an account on GitHub.

For installing CIA files or games, just copy xyz.cia file to your SD card (again in root or a new folder you created in root). Display proper version numbers in the title list.

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