famous qpr supporters

Damon Albarn - Frontman of Blur, Gorillaz and other bands, the legendary Brit Pop singer is a huge Chelsea fan. The voices in the film include lifelong fans such as Elms and Glen Matlock, an original member of the Sex Pistols, as well as a former star, Rodney Marsh, and the current club captain, Joey Barton – who will miss the team’s next three matches in the fight against relegation, having been shown a red card in a 2-1 defeat at Hull City last weekend. Sir Elton John - The famous singer became chairman of the club in 1976, and is now shareholder. Contents . We don't actually know if Batman is a Bournemouth fan, but he definitely used to live there. There are a host of famous personalities who are devoted followers of Premier League sides, we take a look at the top celebrity fans in the English top flight Sadly, in 2005 the club's commercial director John Fillingham admitted the tale that Gorbachev would await Wigan results while sitting in the Kremlin in his club colours was made up. Ronnie Wood adopted West Bromwich Albion as his team back in the 1950s, even though as a Londoner he had the pick of the capital's big teams. Jeremy Bates - Former Tennis player who won the mixed doubles titles at Wimbledon in 1987. Ok, so Real Madrid claiming to have King Abdullah of Jordan and Tom Cruise as supporters is possibly just behind Arsenal's Osama bin Laden / the Queen rumour, but only just. Aged between 16 and 24, the volunteers were guided by Max Robson, a production assistant whose work on a previous Octavia Foundation film, about four women involved in local politics, led him to formal studies in practical film-making. LeBron James - possibly the world's biggest sports star is an avid Red and has talked about buying a stake in the Anfield club. Another cricketer, who again, unless you're from a test-playing nation you probably haven't heard of. I understand after the 2-2 draw at Ipswich in that famous promotion clash of April 1968 he had his QPR banner destroyed by opposition supporters. That reminded me of some words attributed to the late Bobby Robson, containing a sentiment impossible to imagine being formed in Briatore’s mind: “What is a club in any case? Michael Caine - Unlike his Batman co-star Bale, Caine is a big fan of the Blues. His all-time favourite player is Clive Allen. He had stepped down from the chairmanship by the time Neil Warnock took over from Paul Hart, who had lasted a mere five matches. "We were soaked but we didn’t care, Shearer was on the bench and we came back from a goal down to win 2-1. This one is a bit tenuous too, stemming from him watching the club's 2000 FA Cup semifinal win before congratulating them in the changing room after. The film does not aspire to match the professional gloss or the headline‑grabbing power of The Four Year Plan. Piers Morgan - Twitter's favourite son has four season tickets at the Emirates. Prince William - William told Gary Lineker in an interview for BBC Sport last month that he decided to support Aston Villa because of their great history and to be different to his friends. If you're from a test-playing nation, you may have heard of him. At least with the ever-dependable Paul Collingwood, we have some information about his supporting of Sunderland, thanks to an ever-so-helpful interview by the folks at Four Four Two. A TROUBLED Shepherd's Bush pub regularly used by QPR fans before games has been stripped of its license this week. He currently plays for Hampshire and has played for England in the past. Andrew Flintoff - He once said: "'I'm a Manchester City supporter. Holly Valance - The actress and singer's mother was from Southampton and she is rumoured to be a Saints fan. More recently, Liam's current band, Beady Eye, performed a version of club anthem Blue Moon (see video) to mark the launch of the new Man City home strip. When he is not busy travelling through time as the latest incarnation of Doctor Who, actor Matt Smith is busy watching Blackburn Rovers. Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev is a Wigan Athletic fan?! Then they'll be some you will probably never have heard of and maybe one or two you just won't believe.

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