does bonnie get her magic back in season 8

Bonnie is first to regain consciousness. Elena and Bonnie try to help Jo look for her shoes and get her organized, but nothing seems to go entirely right. Alaric attacks her, strangling her, asking her what she would do when a vampire attacks. When Stefan and Elena return they find Damon alone and Bonnie fighting with Klaus. Later on, Bonnie and Caroline arrive at the Salvatore Boarding House to say their goodbyes to Elena. This is the message that Damon, Elena, Jeremy, and Kai wanted to leave for her during their initial visit. The talk some more and reveals to Caroline that she will have to find a way to gently tell Alaric that there is no way to bring back Jo, even with the "sketchy" Native American resurrection stone; that since the Gemini prison world is gone, Jo has probably found peace.

Damon and Elena aren't waiting for her because Liv ended her spell early, meaning that Bonnie is once again trapped alone in the prison world. Bonnie replies that she lost control of herself and there were consequences.

Despite all the pain, loss and suffering that she has endured, Bonnie still remains rather strong, especially in the face of danger and adversity. Elena said that if they killed Kol, Damon would be free of his compulsion and Jeremy would have his Hunter's Mark complete. Bonnie rushes to the Mystic Falls High School and finds April in one of the science classrooms. Alex lets her go and she enters seeking her sister. Elena tries to also follow but Bonnie stops her. Telling him that she has decided not to be sad, hanging on to her good memories and their time together. However, Bonnie played the hero yet again when she sacrificed her chance to come back and let Damon go home instead, ensuring that Kai doesn't get to come back either. Emily refuses to give him an answer, explaining that there is a natural balance to everything and maybe Damon deserves to die. Once the pain stops, Jeremy demands to know what that was and how often it happens and she reveals she is the Anchor, every supernatural being passes through her although she doesn't respond how often. After listening to Virginia's explanation, Bonnie revealed that she knew Virginia was a member of the St. John family. Bonnie asks her father for a few moments alone with Shane, which he accepts. Bonnie has lost her powers a few times over the years, and the last time she lost and then regained her powers was in a moment of extreme emotional distress. Caroline needs us. Bonnie smiles and tearfully raises the feathers in the air, and they both laugh and enjoy their last memory together. Later, while talking to Damon about how they're stuck together because she's linked to Elena and has been given a task to look after him, Bonnie is nearly hit by a car which Damon saves her from.

They go down to the cells and they see the door is open, and Matt feels like he can't breath and Bonnie soon has the same problem. Jeremy races over to Bonnie to check on her. Bonnie's status as a witch makes her the only regular character in The Vampire Diaries that has never been compelled by a vampire. She tries to talk, but Jo tells her not to and and reassures that there's no way out of the prison world. Bonnie refuses to talk about Jeremy when Elena asks her about it. Then she buried Silas with a cure for immortality, which she had hoped he would take and die. Caroline wants her to focus on her and Bonnie realizes that her memories are being re-wired due to the Huntress curse to hunt vampires. Damon has entered Shane's tent at the point and states the obvious: "The downside is you turned her into a time bomb that only you can dismantle." Damon later joins Bonnie for a drink as they discuss Damon's plans to torture Lily. Sometime later, Alaric takes Bonnie and the girls to the Armory for safety. She gasps and puts Jo into a choke-hold into the wall and before she feeds on her, Jo tells her she's pregnant and then she leaves. She is revealed to be in the asylum, looking for Virginia. Instead, she wants Bonnie to be strong, even if she has to die as a result. Damon then knocks Kai out from behind, saying that he's sorry for calling her the most annoying person in the world because she isn't, Kai is. In the 2007 flashback, Bonnie is first seen throwing a snowball at Elena, who declares war on her. All rights reserved.

After it seems that Alaric has fallen asleep, Damon walks out of the tomb to see Bonnie walking towards him. Lexi though figures out that Bonnie is dying so she decides not to pass through because then Bonnie would die before Stefan could get his brother back. Bonnie harnessing the dead witches powers. Bonnie forgives and hugs her. The episode ends with Bonnie's death. Virginia told her that if she was a Bennett then the Armory would’ve found her a long time ago, making Bonnie tell her how she was taking pills to hide her magic so that the Armory couldn’t find her. When she collapses, seemingly about to die, Jeremy succeeds in becoming corporeal again and hits the button for the garage door to raise up. Moments later, Jeremy's mark grows, allowing everyone to see it.

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