deep undercover episodes

Exeter, California is a rural town of 10,000 residents and a thriving high school drug trade. In a nightclub rife with prostitution and organized crime, an undercover Memphis police officer becomes overwhelmed and grapples with dark thoughts. An FBI agent infiltrates the New England mob, a New Jersey officer opens an illegal gambling joint, and a Missouri cop enters the world of dogfighting. FBI agent Marc Pocoro infiltrates the Diablos motorcycle gang involved in drugs and stolen cars. Saratoga, FL agent Jim Sweeting sails the Caribbean to infiltrate the Cayman cartel drug operation. Police officer, Alex Salinas, poses as a high school senior who lands himself in detention to set up drug buys with fellow students. Ernie Lijoi is an agent for the Quincy, MA police department, working in tandem with FBI and DEA. A recent police academy graduate poses as a high school senior in a California town where students are dealing hard drugs. A recent police academy graduate poses as a high school senior in a California town where students are dealing hard drugs. A state prosecutor wears a wire for the FBI on a quest to root out rampant corruption in Chicago's court system, risking his career in the process. An FBI agent sets up a phony ship-cleaning company to gather evidence of racketeering, tax evasion and bribery in the Port of New Orleans. Sweeting leap-frogs from dealer to dealer, busting them one at a time. Disguised as a mob hit man, an FBI agent gets close to an inmate suspected of murdering a police officer, recording dozens of conversations. Dog fighters, prostitutes, meth dealers and crime rings in Las Vegas and New Orleans are busted in these undercover accounts. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! When a white FBI agent sets out to infiltrate the Kaika Klan Outlaws, a predominantly black street gang in Akron, Ohio, he ends up targeted for death. S1, Ep2 12 Oct. 2016 After serving time in jail for drug dealing, Barnes has learned ways to make himself untouchable and his drug empire is such big business that even the President of the United States has taken notice. FBI agent Lou Calverese goes undercover to infiltrate the lucrative world of international smuggling. Herman sets up an illegal gambling operation to snare the cops who offer him protection. Padilla is nearly shot during one exchange but continues to do deals as he goes up the drug dealing food chain. Problem is, Independence is a small town and Steve gets getting made as a cop. After years of undercover operations involving small time drug dealing, the team pays a call to an illegal pot grower. An officer with the Honolulu Police Department conceals his true identity in order to videotape and gather evidence of illegal cockfighting. An undercover FBI agent running a Cleveland, Ohio, strip club winds up in the middle of a violent turf war between rival criminal factions. While buying illegal weapons undercover, a St. Louis County officer hears about plans for an upcoming bank heist, bombing and murder. Bill Gately and the U.S. Customs Service discover the owner of a coin laundry is laundering large sums of cash through a bank that originates from Columbia. Ken Dye goes undercover for the St. Louis County Sheriff's Department to purchase illegal weapons and hears about a planned bank heist. FBI Special Agent Tim Healy infiltrates a dangerous anti-government group called the Montana Freemen who are running a scam to bilk the IRS out of millions to fund their planned Armageddon.

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