crz awd conversion

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This build may require adjustments to the frame, suspension, transmission, and possibly even relocating the engine to the back.

Whenever he has the time, Aaron loves to get behind the wheel. The Honda CR-Z was a sport compact hybrid electric automobile manufactured by Honda and marketed as a "sport hybrid coupe." But that hasn’t stopped people from dreaming about what a RWD Civic or Integra might be like. dog also takes up quite a bit of room.

It's free! Which protects bearings... more of an issue with V and inline motors than boxers, not sure about any of this unfortunately. Final Gear Ratios: 4.4, 4.61, 4.76, or 5.0. So I began imagining two 50HP electric motors to drive the rear wheels (one per side) and the standard Z set up for the front wheels. K Series Billet Drag Cartel AWD Replacement Transfer Cover Due to high demand of request for these Lower Control Arms we have made them available for individual orders., Available in thread types Rc, NPT or G(PF). It runs great and still has a lot of life left, so modifying it seemed worth the effort. Hub CIty Performance's Billet Aluminum Rear Differential Mount for AWD Conversions is here! Needless to say, there’s plenty more he’s planning to do, including a dry sump system, an upgraded transmission and additional aero improvements for the track.

$699.00. It is much easier to get in and out of than a truck topper, and the back of the front passenger seat forms a nice backrest. Really like Aaron's youtube channel! Some people make, some dream, do both you get this magical beast. irst thing you must do is strip down your Civic or Accord down to the bare body—this means removing the seats, hardware, carpeting, etc. Aaron Weir is one of those people. There`s no way fitting anything in without cutting. First Aid: I use a small plastic box to carry bandages, antibiotics, chigger meds, etc for the dog and myself. Terms potentially extended to customers purchasing over $2,000 annually. Bedroom:  I use an air mattress, plus layers of sleeping bags and blankets to adjust for different temperatures. These DC Covers deliver the utmost in rigidity & Strength for Race applications. This PPG (Pfitzner Performance Gearbox) Honda / Acura AWD B-Series Drag Dogbox Kit Includes: 1-4 Dog Engagement Gear Set Final Drive Set Billet 1/2... KEEP UP WITH US ON INSTAGRAM @SPEEDFACTORYRACING, 5001 S Burlington Way Suite A One of the most fun-to-drive cars ever made. All Rights Reserved. They had to do a serious amount of fabricating to get it all to work. Made from aerospace grade billet material and CNC machined on state-of-the-art 5 axis milling machine. AWD Trailing Arm & Diff Mount Package (AWD Package Deal), Rear Differential Mounting Kit (AWD EG/DC/EK/EF), Rear Differential Mounting Kit (AWD EP3/RSX/EM2), 88-91 Civic Wagon AWD Rear Axles (+.75in), SpeedFactory Racing AWD / FWD Lightweight Rear Staging Brakes Kit, K Series AWD Limited Slip Differential #QDF21U Honda Civic Acura RSX, B Series Billet AWD Replacement Transfer Cover, K Series Billet AWD Replacement Transfer Cover, Provides better axle fitment with the HCP Billet Diff Mount Kit, Intended to work with the HCP Billet Diff Mount Kit, Additional 3/4″ added to the length of both axles, Provides better axle fitment with your custom welded differential mount. Fits under the platform. Aaron admits he had “no idea” what he was doing when he first attempted the conversion. It works great if I don’t stay too long in any one place and can recharge it while driving (the extra load on the battery is why I got the car battery charger). To remove it and reinstall the seats is probably several hours of work. Made from aerospace grade billet material and CNC machined on state-of-the-art 5 axis milling machine. Packing and unpacking takes a bit of time, although set up and breakdown in camp is very quick. Terms Of Service | Privacy Policy | Wish List | My Account | Forgot Password | Log Out. This combination of products saves space and mounting hardware. @ihateyoutoo I LOVE that idea! s.cali alan 2005 Honda S2000 AP2 F22C, removed factory water pump, tensioner & flipped alternator with Weirtech bracket/tensioner for lower placement, Weirtech tucked wire harness with Vibrant Performance split sleeve wire loom, Roro Designs powder-coated valve cover, ATI crank pulley, Vibrant Performance air filter, velocity stack, aluminum tubing to Vibrant HD clamps welded to turbo compressor inlet/outlets, Vibrant bar-and-plate intercooler core all fabricated by Weirtech, DH Racing 74mm billet aluminum throttle body, Weirtech intake manifold with billet velocity stacks inside 3.0-liter tapered plenum and 1 degree tapered runners, Weirtech fabricated turbo manifold made with Vibrant Performance flanges, Schedule 10 piping & collector, ARP exhaust manifold head studs, Garrett GT35R turbocharger with .82ar turbine housing, Precision 44mm wastegate, Vibrant GESI ultra high output catalytic converter, Vibrant Performance electro polished flexible bellows feeding 3.5-inch Vibrant oval tubing, assembled with Vibrant V-band assemblies, aluminum turn down tip, Weirtech trap door baffled 15L fuel tank, Bosch 044 inline fuel pump, Weirtech fuel rail, Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors, AEM fuel pressure regulator, Vibrant Performance hoses & fittings, Meziere Enterprises WP136S 20GPM electric water pump, Speedfactory dual-pass dual-core radiator with dual fan shroud, Weirtech CNC billet aluminum thermostat housing, Vibrant Performance aluminum tubing hardlines, silicone couplers, t-bolt clamps & boost braces, Odyssey PC680 battery, AEM Infinity engine management system tuned by BR Tuning, Drivetrain Depending on your application the drive shaft will have to be shortened. But the story of Aaron and his 1989 CR-X Si starts well before the radical conversion. Honda S2000 AP1 6-speed manual gearbox, Competition Clutch twin disc clutch, Hush22 hydraulic clutch conversion kit, custom prop shaft, Nissan S14 rear subframe assembly, R200 viscous LSD with 4.09 final drive ratio, rotors/spindles redrilled for 4×100 bolt pattern, Suspension & Brakes Available with ports from 1/8 to 1/2 with NPT, Rc and G (PF) threads as standard. Also in my cook kit: 1 cloth pot holder, 1 pot scraper, 1 butane lighter, 1 SteriPEN water purifier, 1 cup, 1 tin for tea bags and coffee packets, 1 spatula, 1 small clothesline with clothes pins. Our rear bracket uses the factory AWD transmission rear mounting points providing the additional support needed to reduce impact of the AWD load on your drivetrain components. All of them were sold in northern Japan only because of the snow there. Designed to withstand the demands of the highest horsepower drag race applications and used in the fastest Hondas to date, this differential also provides drivability that simply cannot be achieved with a spool (locked differential). The Drag Cartel Billet B-Series AWD Replacement Transfer Cover (Transfer Case) is here! At Laguna Seca (Mazda raceway), I let a friend who hated Honda's drive mine on a trackday. A down coat goes in a small stuff sack under the platform. If so, that is just 110% divine elegance in its most efficient automotive application right there. Reminds me of this Here’s to another 20 years of fun with one of the world’s most unique Honda CR-Xs. Our Trailing Arms and Lower Control Arm combinations are proven to function on high horsepower applications. This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002). In addition, the tie rod mounting points had to be lowered and the rods themselves use risers to stay near parallel with the front control arms. Recording equipment: in a duffel in the passenger foot well. If you are already registered, please log in. eejjkk Kind of difficult to replicate elevation and sea-level. my understanding is that the ati unit is lighter and a smaller diameter than the oem pulley. Shoes go under the platform or in the passenger foot well. I also sewed up some curtains and attached them to the windows with Velcro (we’ll see if it holds). Remove 16+lbs & improve front to rear weight bias!

my Aunty Audrey recently got an almost new cream Dodge Charger SRT8 Superbee only from working part-time off a pc. There are a few different routes one can go when attempting to convert a FWD Honda to RWD, but Aaron decided to base his conversion around the Honda S2000 and its longitudinally-mounted VTEC engine.

You will need access into the transmission tub in order to disconnect it and release it from the frame, so the more you can remove, the better. Also better precision at high RPM's because the factory rubber damping is softer and less precise at high RPM. You will need access into the transmission tub in order to disconnect it and release it from the frame, so the more you can remove, the better. The other pieces went over the framework, and included two hinged doors for access to the where the seats and foot wells were.

This article applies to the Honda Civic (1992-2000). The engine is mated to an AP1 6-speed manual transmission and power is then sent to an R200 viscous LSD differential inside a Nissan S14 rear subframe. The 12an cap plug on the driver's side bottom near the strut tower will be the breather access from the dry sump oil tank that will sit on the frame rail next the the coolant expansion tank. For a table (if not at a campground), I use a roll-a-table, which fits easily under the platform.

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