botw 2 time travel

Those HD remakes titles after all seem like a substitute for heroin when compared to the PURE DOPE a brand new Zelda title offer.

Majora's Mask features a time loop, where Link is caught up in the same time loop over and over again until he can save Termina from what is probably the most evil-looking moon ever seen in gaming history. @Thorthegreat12 the "now in development" let me to believe this is not for next year. Look at color of thes motes of light Sheikah monks dissolve into when passing into the afterlife. @BotW2WiiU Atleast now I know that I aint alone. Dungeons as well - but that's been already said like 1 million times. The map could be terraformed a bit here and there to make it different enough. @thechetearly Facts. Since E3, however, it's been mostly radio silence. They can change up some things but the core needs to stay relatively stable. And I totally trust they can nail it because if they is a game designer out there in the world I put my blind trust on is Eiji Aonuma and his team.

I see the mummy returning, in the process the bridge breaks and it appears Link falls. That turned out to be true when the RPG was announced for the hybrid console eight months later, which lends some measure of credibility to this new leak while further suggesting that a BotW 2 update could be just around the corner. Seeing as it's anyone's guess when BOTW2 will arrive, you might also want to check out our picks of games to play after you've finished Breath of the Wild if you simply can't wait for your next Zelda fix. And as for the weapon degredation, I think it's a refreshing idea the keeps battle and survival hand-in-hand, as it should be. - Instead, the developers have filled the world with a miasmic version of Ganon, and until the infection is cleared from location to location, it will be impossible to move around the entire Hyrule Then, as described in Master Works, the actual game making had begun prior to the interview in December 2017. More characters to interact with. And, upon closer inspection, the guy in the tapestry looks a lot like Ganondorf fighting Ganon, not Link. The Triforces always show up on the right hand. I am assuming we will not see any form of the game anytime soon, they must have a lot of development work to do. MORE: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Link And Zelda’s Relationship. So, that's it for now. The King of the Gerudo is shown riding a horse with his trident. Hosted by 44 Bytes. While it seems crazy at first, it would make Ganon as the antagonist much more interesting. Sure thing is they can do lots of staff in order to deliver us a fresh experience revisiting the same Hyrule. The sky exploration possibility is also very interesting but in my opinion cannot compare with the underwater one. Ganondorf is released in the present and going back in time won't change him being released present day. That's Zelda logic applied to Mario games. Recall how they want to make a game slightly darker than Majora's mask? I’m hoping we get some insights sooner rather than later. Well, possibly, but we wouldn't get our hopes up. By going back in time, entire villages that were wiped out by the Calamity would still be around, which means more NPCs and sidequests. That would be pretty boring, wouldn't it? Of course, we returned to devour the DLC and burn across the kingdom on our motorcycle while vacuuming up several hundred Korok seeds, but then began the wait for the next 'proper' Zelda game. @Ooccoo_Jr think about it. Maybe he convinces the Champions to help him (Medli and Makar style in WW) where their unique Champion powers can come in handy to solving the dungeon puzzles. @Zach777 I came here to post almost exactly this same theory, minus the hokey Back to the Future plot.

An update about Nintendo's anticipated game could be right around the corner.

NateDrake is cryptically teasing that Nintendo will host its next big Direct on August 28. Link will inherit new time travel capabilities.

Stay tuned for updates. I think the game will focus more on the spreading corruption via the malice Ganondorf puts out. Ganondorf will resurrect, kill Zelda. All that's shown is it grabs Link's arm while possibly taking his other one at a different point.Could also help with finally being Zelda if he takes out or captures Link. If a continuation of the same Hyrule as before being able to transfer certain data from the first game would be cool like being able to keep you house and transferring over items. Link will work to stop the Calamity but ultimately see the other version of himself fall right at the 100 year mark when Calamity rises. To the moon? One theory posits that Zelda and Link will stumble through time, making it even more complicated.

I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility at all that this game is coming out in 2020. In the trailer we see that the blue glowing arm grabs links right hand, and it slowly starts disintegrating. @Octane It appears there is a catastrophe beginning at the end of the trailer, which I expect will change the world map drastically. Maybe current Link doesn't actually time travel, maybe he rewinds time altogether (MM) to before he was put in the Shrine of Resurrection 100 years ago. As someone who subscribes to RSS... please stop pushing minor edits into RSS broadcasts if possible. (May 30th). Link and Zelda uncover Ganondorf sealed away, they realize that whoever sealed him there (probably the Sheikah) made a mistake by not destroying him completely, now he's escaped and Zelda falls to her death. . We’ll be updating this article periodically with new information as we get it. I'm not banking on it coming next year, but I'm not ruling it out. This would mean that there were three possible Links, three Zeldas, and three Ganons, which might explain how Ganon got so powerful in the first place. I'm switching back and forth between normal mode( trying for 100% completion) and master mode right now waiting for Link's Awakening to release. The larger dungeons are much more interesting.

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